Tea leaves and ingredients from around the world—and right here in the region—to create unique, exotic and exciting blends...


At Jezabel's Studio, we celebrate the traditions of the great tea cultures, adding a dash of local flavor and some exquisitely re-imagined elements. The tea selection spans the world, from tisanes of local herbs and flowers, to yerba mate from Argentina and grand black tea of Northeastern India. 

The Recollection blend has been created out of a memory from Jezabel's childhood having mate with fresh herbs on her grandmother's patio by some vineyards, and Still blend was created when looking for a warm cup of tea before bed, these leaves are locally sourced and organic from a farm in Bucks County, PA. We also offer other classic blends as Assam, Jasmine pearls, Cocoa chai that were meticulously curated and sourced from all over the world. 

As you get to enjoy your drink on a regular basis we also offer Argentine empanadas, torta de ricotta, pasta frola and Alfajores, among other daily offerings.



Come, sit and relax while enjoying a HOT cup of tea