Jezabel grew up in the small town of Palpalá, located in the Northwestern Argentinian province of Jujuy. Surrounded by family and very close to relatives, she always associated cooking with love and togetherness. One recollection in particular stands out as one of her most treasured childhood memories: baking and preparing food with her dear grandmother Julia who will be the greatest influence on her practice as a chef and baker.

Apart from studying Tourism & Hotel Management in Cordoba and in order to further her knowledge of business she pursued an MBA at Universidad Siglo XXI, but never forgot that the ultimate dream was to live abroad and start a business of her own. With that in mind, she wasted no time in developing a business plan for a Tea House and catering business, never knowing that an opportunity would cross her path in the not too distant future.

She moved to Miami in 2007 and in less than 3 years, in June 2010, she opened the doors to her first business endeavor in the beautiful Fitler Square neighborhood: Jezabel's Cafe.

Since then, it’s been a great ride, returning to her roots in the kitchen to discover that she loves it now more than ever. The constant experimentation with ingredients and integrating her knowledge into every culinary endeavor on a daily basis. Sometimes she calls her mom Aurelia to ask for recipes, but most of the time she doesn’t remember them exactly. However, after getting the general idea, Jezabel can combine them with memories and recreate the flavors of her childhood, making it a personally meaningful process.

Still, there was something missing, the idea and business case her younger self dreamt of kept dancing in her head: a Tea House.

Jezabel found a spot on 208 S 45th St, a tired old space in need of some tender loving care and a renovation, which she did, dramatically transforming not only the interior, but the facade as well. Realizing the high cost of designer furniture for a small commercial space, she took inspiration from the clean, warm aesthetic of steel and wood and designed and built her own. It was crucial to create a space that will support a Cafe setting while also being design-friendly for everyone, an inviting nook for our guests.

"As the Studio is now a vibrant reality, I reflect on the journey. The ups and downs, the long days of hard work and those moments of happiness and peace as I look around when I sip some tea or welcome guests at our Cooking Classes... Well if you make it until this point, thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time and I can't wait until we cross paths!" - Jezabel.

The universe gives you the chance to dream, write and rewrite your life every second you breathe. Reinvent yourself and reshape your future for what you really believe in.

Don't take it for granted, After all we only get to live today once...
tomorrow is another day